Dominion VI: Abyss

by Compasse

Book VI - Abyss Summary:

The sole and uncontested sovereign of the Earth, Jimi T. Expo, proceeds unfettered with his initiatives to bring order to a world which has now formally cast off the shackles of morality-based thinking. The Mystic King’s brief stint outside of temporal existence has endowed him with abilities once thought to be beyond this world—yet he now demonstrates how all have the capacity to move mountains once their union with the Kôles is fully consummated.

Annie D. Nesterov, aged in body but invigorated in spirit, leads a small resistance from within the confines of a “Purification Center”—Mystic Realism’s ‘final solution’ for those who still cling to their antiquated belief in a personal deity. Her unlikely bond with a young mentally disabled savant, Felipe, offers a recurring message of hope to those in hiding—believers who seek refuge from the unprecedented persecution which has been unleashed upon the world.

Under the protection and guidance of a mysterious force, a still-conflicted Nathan, newly initiated into the Christian Faith, seeks to reconcile his role as protector of his family with the growing sense that an obscure yet deeper calling still pursues him—a calling that demands an unequivocal response on his part. In the secret recesses of his heart, Nathan fears that this choice will propel him towards an inevitable confrontation with the man who at one time gave him everything the world had to offer. Torn between disparate visions, Nathan continues to assess the cost of such a choice.

The battle lines, once blurred, are now definitively divided by a fathomless abyss, swallowing anyone who by choice or passivity refuses to claim a side. Will Nathan’s fragile newfound faith be sufficient to weather the oncoming storm of suffering and deceit? And as he attempts to straddle this altering void, will he find the courage in this eternal battle —from within or without—to offer up dominion of his very soul?


Series (Dominion) Summary:

A great monument of the Islamic faith crumbles to the ground in a freak earthquake, setting the stage for mankind’s entry into the next age; an apocalyptic time where right and wrong, love and indifference, and black and white fade into alternating shades of gray.

Fraternal twins, Jesse and Tobias, are born to a deeply troubled Marisha Chardin under the diabolical oversight of a man, known only as Luther, who possesses a darkened presence. Though seeing the fulfillment of his own desires in young Jesse, Luther eventually orchestrates the demise of each child as a world now devoid of hope moves on.

Out of the remote depths of Africa, enter into the arena a mysterious soul, Jimi T. Expo – musician, philosopher, and spiritual leader. Seemingly in a matter of weeks, this man (reverently dubbed the Mystic King) injects the world with a ray of hope – a needed dose of light. Utilizing the power of song, Jimi T. offers his message of peace, liberation, and a true heaven right here on earth to a global audience, all in preparation for our final stage of existence – the full assimilation of mankind into the Collective Soul of the universe.

With the rapid decay of organized religion, and a germane response manifested in The Way of Mystic Realism (a belief system based on relative spiritualism and social truths) the world is left to ponder the question: Is this man the Christ – the promised Messiah who has come to set humanity right? Or might he indeed have a darker purpose? One man, Nathan Page, steps into center stage; facing the maelstrom through the eyes of an agnostic, but with a heart perhaps somewhere else.

The scene has been set in an all-too-familiar, frighteningly contemporary time period. In the final analysis, will mankind choose good over evil? Or perhaps even worse, will he even be able to tell the difference?

To whom… or what… will dominion be granted?




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